Saturday, August 29, 2009

worth the wait, i hope

i just finished updating my site with reorganized galleries and new-ish photos.
i took off the old galleries at the end of april because i was tired of how it looked and there were too many photos.   

i meant to narrow it down a lot, and i kind of did, but there are still a lot of photos.   it just took a long time to figure out how it should be done.

i hope you like the changes.

i should have other new photos from a road trip/camping trip to PA sometime soon (as soon as i find a lab to develop the film).   and i'm in australia now, so i'll be shooting a good bit over here too...   so, i'll be writing updates on here from time to time, and adding photos to this, and maybe some to the main site too.

we'll be going down the coast to meet up with a friend later this week...  to crescent head for an old mal contest (pre 1968 logs), and then onto sydney from there for a little bit.   then we're going to make our way back up the coast to find an area to live and work.   

it should be interesting.