Thursday, December 4, 2008

sea walk

in general, i haven't been too interested in going south of LA to surf. i think, since the waves down there are so overexposed in magazines, that I just got tired of them before even checking them out.

i was definitely missing out. i just spent a couple days down there with christian wach. we surfed very good waves with hardly anyone out...for both of the sessions. the first session was overcast and foggy, so i just surfed.

the waves were much better during that session than the waves in the session that i did end up shooting, but here are a few shots from the second day, of christian riding his new log and a borrowed alaia.

it's a rare thing for a surf photographer to get to surf when the waves are at their even though the shots aren't as good as they could have been if it was sunny that first day, i'll take the waves instead of the photos this time.

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bob said...

keith! photos look sick. come to NY!! it's a beautiful 20ยบ outside and the waves were firing yesterday.