Monday, April 6, 2009

es-cent-ial in nicaragua

Last month, i went down to nicaragua with es-cent-ial wetsuits to surf and to document the trip. You may or may not have heard of them. If not, it's probably because they are brand new and just trying to get the word out. If so, then their current form of marketing is working.

Since advertising drives the price of products up, es-cent-ial is trying to create a following through grassroots marketing and word of mouth. My photography will hopefully help them to succeed.

Capturing photos to show the vibe of the company was my main purpose on this trip. Coincidentally, my natural photo style and lifestyle fits the company very well, so it made it easy to get great, true photos.

Please don't view this blog post as an ad, though. True, you'll learn about the company and product line, and yes, i'm endorsing the products and company as being great...but I'm not getting paid to say those things...i really believe in them.

see to see other photos from earlier this year, and for a link to their blog with more info and the product shots from this trip.


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