Saturday, July 18, 2009

fluidmotionphoto update coming soon...really

the gallery on my site has said it would be updated soon since the very end of april. oops. sorry about that. at that point, i took the photos off to hopefully come up with one, small portfolio gallery.

i wasn't sure exactly how to get started, plus i got pretty busy for a while... but i'm going to spend some time now to figure it out and actually get it online asap.

there will likely be a small portfolio section (for those who only want to see a sample of my work). i don't think i'd feel content with just that, though. i think there will be another section (or several sections) with lots of other photos, still. i just can't get myself to leave so much off of there. how can i narrow down hundreds of photos that i'm pretty attached to down to 30? i think i would have to have someone else do that for me, without me giving them any input at all...

anyone have any thoughts?? one gallery with 30-50 photos, or have multiple galleries with lots of photos?

additionally, es-cent-ial's new site will be up this coming week. there will be some good stuff on there (plus more of my photos). the escential store will be up soon after. i'll do another post on that site once it's ready.

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