Friday, October 30, 2009

"used" prints for sale

i printed quite a few of my picaresque photos to travel along with the east coast tour.
a lot of them are still available.

some of them have become a little bit weathered through the journey up the coast and back.
some are still like new. either way, from a distance they all look fine. when you look closely some may have some small scratches.

it doesn't them worthless, just not worth what they were during the tour...
it gives you an opportunity to get some prints for cheap, though.

the prints are 8 x 12, mounted onto foamcore.

i'm selling them for just $30, including shipping. orders outside of the US will have to be a bit more (the amount will depend on the country) to cover higher shipping costs.
send me an email with a description of the print you want, your address, etc.

here are photos of the ones that are available.



Felipe Siebert said...

your photos make me sure that I should devote my life to surfing...

Trevor said...

diggin all these shots!

Jozef Oldfield said...

Well done mate. Beautifuls shots...