Monday, January 19, 2009

malibu/san clemente

here are the last group of photos from california. it was good to be back in malibu to see friends, and to catch one of the fun off season background south swells that i like so much there. the pottery photos are of my friend daniel george's work. you can see more at his blog,

san clemente was also a great trip. i posted some about this trip right after i got back, so some of the photos will be the same. there will be some new ones, too, though.

when i was out west, i don't feel like i surfed very much or that the waves were that great in general (although all of my photos would suggest otherwise). but, it's all relative i suppose. these photos make me miss it for sure. florida's waves just can't quite compare on most days. every once in a while it does though, and i'm very ready for one of those days.

anyway, here are the photos of some california magic, on an average to below average week of winter swell.

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