Thursday, January 29, 2009

so close to home, but so different

i took a trip to the bahamas over new years. it wasn't a surf trip or a work trip, but i was lucky enough to do a little of both of those while i was there.

as far as the surf goes, it was very good. way better setups than florida. They get the same swell for the most part (except for the swell that they block from getting to south florida). but, instead of poorly formed sandbars with a trough between the inside and outside, there are plenty of reef setups. The water color is superficial, but a nice benefit as well.

the work part of the trip was for es.cent.ial wetsuits. out of all of the suits i've owned, their's are the most warm and flexible by far. here are some of the photos from the trip, showing a sample of the waves, the mellow vibe of the islands, and the wetsuit photos.

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Sea Walk said...

looks sick there keith!