Thursday, February 26, 2009

costa rica film

on my way home from the airport yesterday, i picked up my film from costa rica. i'm happy about most of it, a little bummed about other parts.

so it goes.

some are taken with the biggest camera i own, and others with the smallest... that's not important...i just thought of it and found it interesting.

here is a small sample of them... the rest of the photos are on their way up onto section five of the costa rica section on


Run.Haole.Run said...

Benny Boy! Such a rad guy. Such a rad setup. Stoked to see a shot of him. Small world. Did you notice a yellow 6'8'' Rawson quad at his house? I left that there about a year ago. Hope he's enjoying it.

novo said...

haha, yeah. benny is a classic character for sure. soooo stoked on everything.

i didn't notice that board specifically, but there are a lot of boards there, so i'm sure he's using it some when he's not longboarding.

sean marshall said...

i appreciate the vonnegut references, both here and on fluidmotion.

so it goes, billy pilgrim.