Wednesday, February 18, 2009

siestas and olas

i stayed in costa rica after the picaresque trip ended (i'm still here for one more week)...
this morning, i was disappointed with a super crowded lineup (about 70 guys spread over 2 or 3 peaks that are close to each other), and pretty much all closeouts. i thought that was going to be it for playing in the ocean for the day.

i went with my roommate to the grocery store in the early afternoon, but forgot about their daily siesta---closed from 12-3.

We had some time to kill, so we went down to a stretch of beach way away from the main peaks and went bodysurfing. it's the best way to have fun when it's clean and hollow, but closing out.

it was so fun, that we went back this evening with the camera and got a few photos. i'm sure we'll do it again over the next week, because by the time we got back out there the light was about gone... it made for beautiful water for a while, but then blurry photos after that. anyway, here are some of the photos we got.

travis, my roommate down here, shot the photos of the guy in the wetsuit (me -- yes, i know...a wetsuit in costa rica?? well, the winds have been super strong offshore and there's some cold water upwelling...i'd rather be comfortable than shivering.)

not bad for one of his first times shooting in the water, eh? the last photo is obviously way blurry cause of low light, but it's my favorite wave that i caught this evening, so i'm putting it up anyway. if you use your imagination, you can see the shore on the far right, and the lip/wave wrapping around the black and orange blob in the middle.

the empty waves and ones of travis (no wetsuit) are by me. hopefully we'll have a chance to get some better ones in the next few days.


Traviow said...
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Traviow said...

Keith, my friend, bodysurfing is the sport of kings--don't argue. We were truly the kings of this beach for a day or two.

I wish I could join you on your adventures across the globe, but responsibility calls here in So Cal and I've got a pretty girl to marry ASAP!