Sunday, October 3, 2010

SE to NW

I haven't updated anything on here in a while. Sorry for that.

Towards the end of the summer I moved from the East Coast of Florida to Portland Oregon. I have a little write-up on the move in three separate parts here, and here.

Part 3 to come soon.

About a year ago, when I first got to Australia, I updated my website. I haven't really added anything since then, and it's time to integrate some of the past year's photos in, while taking out some of the old ones. Check back in a bit to see when that is finished. I expect it to look quite a bit different.

Once I'm all caught up with that, I hope to post more often on here. I have a couple video edits to show, and of course I'll have new photos. Until then, I hope you find the photos and writing from the road trip interesting.


Ann said...

hey buddy! i would like to share my surfingboards photos with you. do you have an email address?

novo said...