Monday, October 13, 2008

first post

i figure it's about time to have a site to supplement my actual photography website. by trying to keep the photo website as clean and simple as possible, there are a lot of photos that get left out, and recent work often isn't shown. this is a place to show and discuss that work. additionally, this gives me a place to write a little bit about the stories behind the photos if i feel that anyone might be interested in reading about it.

i will begin with some recent work (which actually is on the main site...but not all trips will be), but will also pull photos from the archives at times to show/discuss photos from the past couple years.

i'll do my best to update relatively often. to talk about some recent work...

a few months ago, i came across a post on the messageboard of the surf station's website (a surf shop in st. augustine, FL). It was posted by local filmmaker dustin miller (, presenting a trailer for a surf film he and mikey detemple are working on called picaresque. i was blown away by the trailer and it made me so stoked on surfing, longboarding, film making, travelling, and the potential for epic photography to accompany the moving film being shot. I contacted dustin back in april i believe, and we met to discuss the film, the business/art/styles of surf photography, etc.

Five months later (part of what dustin and i discussed is the need for patience and persistence in surf photography), I found myself on a plane to france with him where we would meet up with mikey, christian wach, justin hugron, and matt chojnacki to see what we could come up with.

i'm not going to go through and tell the story of the whole trip, because hopefully over the next several months you'll be able to read that in some magazines, but i'll show a few photos here (up at the top.), and i'll do other posts in the future where i choose certain single image from the trip to talk about them some.

i feel that the first two photos are best viewed together...showing the ultimate contrast between land and water. both can show beauty, harmony, power, etc...just in very different ways. i don't feel like getting too philosophical right now...but i think there's a reason that both are nice photos when looked at alone, but way better together.

the third photo is one of my favorites from the's of matt in a perfect little barrel. he's on the right board for that wave. i doubt he would be in that position on the wave with enough speed to make it out if he were on a shortboard. there's just not enough room to pump for speed, and a shortboard wouldn't allow for the same effortless trim. plus, a barrel on a shortboard on a wave that size would seem a bit insignificant, but on a longboard, it makes you (at least it makes me) want to be there.

the last photo is of the whole crew after a session at biarritz. from left to right: justin, mikey, christian, matty, and behind the camera on the far right is dustin. thanks for a great trip guys.

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