Monday, October 20, 2008

searching for waves in the northeast

i've been in new york since friday to shoot some surf photos. i'll have some samples to show pretty soon. i haven't had much time or access to the internet to update anything on here.

this trip is the epitome of the east coast surfing life. constant monitoring of changing swell and wind forecasts, a lot of driving and looking for waves, and then finally getting to surf some fun waves, and/or making the best of the waves that there are. there have been some fun logging sessions...

there is plenty of swell right now, but we haven't found the right wind yet... there's an epic session waiting for us to find it later today hopefully.

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jerryotti said...

cant wait to start following your trips keith!

not sure if ill be able to update mine as often or with as much insight to my surroundings but check out