Tuesday, October 21, 2008

seek and ye shall find

to follow up on the last post... we found the right combination of swell, wind, tide, and sandbar that we were looking for. it just happened to be on the western end of long island, right by where we had surfed the night before. the problem was that we had driven 2.5 hours out east the night before. after spending the morning conducting an exhaustive search of the points around the eastern end of the island, the decision was to drive all the way back to the western beachbreaks.

the waves that we pulled up to were well worth the drive. what we found obviously wasn't proper logging waves, but the guys charged on their lighter longboards (and alec on his fish). mikey's boards were a little too light for the heavy conditions... two of them snapped before he called it a day. he was obviously bummed about that, but still stoked on the waves, photos, and footage.

i'll post more photos from this day later in the portfolio from the whole trip...

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