Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i'm still beautiful

last week, i spent some time with my sister in nashville. for several months, she has been organizing a benefit concert/fashion show to raise money for the organization "i'm too young for this". the purpose of the organization is to provide a network of support for young people with cancer. cancer is not just a disease that older people get. many people, including doctors, sometimes seem to forget that. "i'm too young for this" provides much needed support to get people through tough times, and to show that they are not alone in going through what they are experiencing. they show how it is very possible to still live productive, happy, normal lives, even while experiencing tough times.

the event that she organized, named "i'm still beautiful", was a lot of fun and it was very successful. I shot some photos of the bands...here are a few of my favorite band photos from the event, including photos of the following local nashville bands: the worsties, david condos, gone city, the good wolves, and lindsey jones. The music ranged from mellow acoustic to rock, and some in between. an 80's cover band named bueller played as well, but i like photos from the other bands better.

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